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Fibrin is the most basic part of the clotting mechanism. Separation of the blood into sub-products has enabled the production of fibrin, a natural tissue sealant obtained from fibrogen, for being produced and used industrially. Vivostat system, acting with this logic, in the year 1992 was first suggested raised by a group of Danish researchers looking into the possibility of improvements for a simple but fully automatic method of preparing a fibrin ...
EXEL, is an indispensable trademark of the consumable materials group, has an important place in the market with its quality and forceful competitive prices. All the American EXEL products, are FDA approved. Its products scale is consistent of blood collection needles, dialysis products, insulin therapy product, intravenous therapy products, oncological products, injection needles and other special products.
Well Lead Medical Group was established in 1998, which specializes in researching, manufacturing and selling disposable medical products. The product lines cover disposable products which are widely used in Anesthesia, Respiratory, Urology and Surgery areas. All products we are manufacturing have obtained the CE certificate and some products have registered FDA in USA
This innovation allows the technology to meet clinical needs, beyond the ability of the currently available systems, in spinal cord injuries, in the diaphragm conditioning in muscular dystrophies (such as ALS) and in respiratory short-term intensive care setting.
Taiwan's leader in the field of medical materials production was founded in the year 1991. All the products of this company, entering the Turkish market in 2007, are FDA approved and have CE Certificates. At the moment, only the Double J Stents are in its products portfolio
CDK made an agreement about distributorship with MEDI-LIFE, an Indian company. MEDI-LIFE products I.V. Canulla having CE certificate.

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